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I'd like to use the random functionality to display a couple of ads related to a product. I'm currently using filterByAttribute to group elements on a page and was wondering if there was somehow I could do the same (obviously i would need to do some modification)?


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ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
The randomizer block pulls other blocks that are in a specific area or scrapbook (scrapbooks are really just special areas).

So Areas don't have the same list/filter architecture so you'd have to figure some other way to categorize your elements.

You've seen the ad server add-on:

You can display ads by groups.
roa123 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply! Yeh, I've had a look at Ad Server, and seems like a good option, however seems to be image based. Would it be possible to use a text based ad with that add on?

ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, the ad server either serves images or javascript snippets as ads, it wouldn't give you the formatting options that a normal content block would.

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