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Review posted by riskykabob on at

Easy to install

This add-on was easy to install and works as described.
Review posted by Adreco on at


Very easy to set up and works like a charm!
Review posted by phemisters on at

So far works exactly as wanted

Now supports v3 reCAPTCHA. Easy to set up and appears to just work with no fuss.

Thanks for this easy to use add on.
Review posted by fabianbitter on at

Great add-on

One of the best add-ons in the marketplace :)

PS: Is support for v3 planned?
Review posted by contactoicograf on at

Very Easy

Thank you very much, with this addon it is very easy to implement the Google Captcha, even without having programming knowledge.
You make our life simpler.
Thanks again!!!
Review posted by dantheman on at

Absolutely perfect

I am very grateful for this add-on. It works perfectly (as long as you have the PHP curl module enabled) and is a very solid replacement for the default CAPTCHA. Full marks and many thanks to the developer.
Review posted by studio108 on at

Works brilliantly

I have added this very easily to a clients website form. It works well with the latest intelligent version which doesn't use the horrible picture quizzing.
Review posted by triplei on at

It just works

We've used this package on a number of sites now without issue. It's quick and easy to set up.

Thanks for releasing this package
Review posted by jessicadunbar on at

We use it on

The new recaptcha works great! it Protects your website from spam. It takes less than 5 mins to set up. The longest part of the setup is logging into google
I use this add-on in every site including concrete5.org
Joe and Chris are great to work with. I highly recommend them
Review posted by somesayinice on at

I love the idea

It works great. Had to jimmy around with some things when using the conversation object. Thanks so much for the work put into this.
Review posted by VPenkov on at

Does what it should

Thank for the good add-on.
Review posted by VPenkov on at

Does what it should

Thank for the good add-on.
Review posted by litteraria on at


The only Captcha system I use. Love the addon -- makes it simple to integrate it. Major kudos to ExchangeCore! :D

Before 1.1.0

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Review posted by mclong on at

Working in

It's basic to setup, which is great! Support was prompt and helpful. Not to keen on the use of Java.
Response by exchangecore on at
Hi Matt,

I just tested it on and it works. I uploaded a new version that adds error logging. Can you install the new version, try to complete the captcha, and then take a look in the error log to see why the validation failed? You can find the error log in the dashboard under Reports -> Logs. This package will log to the "Ec Recaptcha" channel.

I also included a change that improves support for IE.

Google uses Java in the reCAPTCHA library to check if you are a robot or a human.
Review posted by mesuva on at


This works beautifully as a replacement to the standard image based captcha.

Only took a minute or two to install and setup, great work.
Review posted by Dushka on at

ExchangeCore's reCAPTCHA add-on

From what I have read, reCAPTCHA is definitely the way to go for defending one's site against felons. This add-on makes it so easy to add it to your forms. Having researched what was required in bygone days to integrate reCAPTCHA with one's site and all the coding involved, I can only say thank you, thank you to ExchangeCore for this great service.

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