Version History

1.3.16 - Added logout link on content only displays.

1.3.15 - Reverted back to original Email Validation as this was an internal Concrete5 process.

1.3.14 - Fixed Email Validation wherein the User is activated by default.

1.3.13 - AJAXified login and registration so there will be no need for refreshing the page.

1.3.12 - Improved Registration Page redirection precedence.

1.3.11 - Improved request for forgot password redirection. - Another fine-tuning for the script error.

1.3.10 - Fixed script which causes the block interface error.

1.3.9 - Included jQuery UI for themes that do not have this script.

1.3.8 - Fixed dependency of "Hide Login Form When Logged In" to "Show Login Form"

1.3.7 - Added option to specify Email recipient and sender.

1.3.6 - Added option to disable "Remain Logged In" checkbox.

1.3.5 - Added "Remain Logged In" checkbox on login form.

1.3.4 - Added control for displaying Register tab.

1.3.3 - Bug fix on javascript error when only "Registration" form is enabled

1.3.2 - Added support for Country and State user attributes.

1.3.1 - Added validation redirection for registration modes "Email Validation" and "Manual Approval"

1.3.0 - Added option to show Registration Form first

 - Bug fix on email validation

 - Bug fix for hiding and showing forms

 - Bug fix on page redirect after Registration

1.2 - Added logout redirect page

1.1 - Fix for "Hide Register/Login/Recover Form When Logged In" option

1.0 - Initial Release