Q: Can I add multiple Register User Pro blocks on my website?
A: Yes. And each block can have different settings, giving you the most flexible solution.

Q: Does it support OpenID?
A: Yes, if you have OpenID enabled in the Dashboard, then this add-on will respect that.

Q: I have several attributes I've added to my user configuration as required.  Will your Register Pro add-on display those attribute fields?
A: Yes this add-on will definitely show all of the custom attributes. You'll also have the option to disable custom attributes in the Block Interface > Advanced (Tab) > Hide Custom Attributes (uncheck).

Q: Are there approval processes in this add-on?
A: Yes, currently there are 3 types of verification:
1. Sign Up and Go - Which automatically registers user without any approval processes.
2. Email Validation - Which gives the user the approval process by following the link that has been sent to their Email address.
3. Approve Manually - Which can be done on User Management on C5 Dashboard.

Q: Is it possible to have a specific page redirected after the login dependent upon the client group?
A: Althought it is possible to specify which page it goes to after the login, as of the moment, it is not possible to specify which page dependent on which the user belongs to which group.

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