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Review posted by suastiastu on at

Nice Block

A nice useful block which does everything it says.
I really am looking for a block which gives control over which attributes are displayed on a given registration block - not sure if this will do that and it is just my oversight or unfamiliarity, but iof not, that would be handly.
Response by jb1 on at

You can control the attributes being displayed in its setting by checking the "Show on Registration Form" but that will not be block specific. If you want it to be block specific we can offer you a paid customisation.

Review posted by lmestep on at

Very easy to implement and use.

This add-on was very simple to implement and customize. It was well worth the price to be able to just install, add the block, customize the options and be finished! I would certainly use this again.
Review posted by w2f on at


Since we have 3 Different Member Sections on our site, this add on is just we needed! What makes it great for us is that the log in AND log out pages are customized to the section of the website where the Member is (since some have access to more than one section also). Before getting this add on, the C5 standard log out pages always took a person to the main generic log in page after log out.... so this add on solved that issue for us by providing log in/out options that were not the standard C5 ones.

The support has been very good as well- (Thanks for adding the log out option back).

An Update wish would be to show something in the block when there are new messages for the user when they log in (like a red dot... or something simple like that) so they don't have to check their profile page each time). But if there is a way to do now with some code tricks, i'd be interested).

Definitely RECOMMEND this add

Before 1.3.2

Review posted by GuyVerville on at

Excellent plugin

This plugin delivers its promises. Nothing more to say that I am happy with it :-)
Review posted by PhilYoung on at

Great Registration block

This is an excellent block that allows you to put a registration/login form anywhere on your site. Very customisable behaviour. Also the support is excellent.
Response by jb1 on at
Thank you for a very nice review we really appreciate it. We look forward to giving you the best add-ons and support.


1.3.2 -

Review posted by uswebdesigner on at

Lots of options, great support

As the title says, this addon has lots of options, organized in an easy and intuitive way. I also appreciate that support has been quick and helpful. Thanks.
Response by jb1 on at
Hi David,

We really appreciate you positive feedback. We are still on works of more improvements and thanks for your inputs on those.

Review posted by TahoeBilly on at


At first I wasn't sure what I had bought. I was able to simply add a menu in my Slate theme (which I am love with!) and make a blank page, then open this as a block. Nice! I love the settins options and I just added a menu item "register/login" and justified it right, done!
Response by jb1 on at

Thanks for your great review and the time you took to write it here!

Much appreciated!

Review posted by thebigideasman on at

Great add-on and support

Fabulous add-on, works really well and excellent pre-sale support - I couldn't ask for more help, thanks.
Response by jb1 on at
Hi David

Thanks for taking time to write down your review! We really appreciate it.


1.3.6 -

Review posted by ZillionProductions on at

Another great add-on

Very flexible add-on, great job!! :)

1.3.11 -

Review posted by Hoopergraphics on at

10 Stars

5 stars is just not enough to give as a review for this product.
We wanted the Add-on to be customised for our very specific needs and contacted JZ to ask if this was possible. Not only was it possible but he was so patient in answering my endless stream of questions!
I then had problems installing it, which wasn't related to User Pro at all, but our theme, and JZ helped out with that as well.
I say he went way beyond what I expected. So a big BIG thank you.
To anyone thinking of buying it - don't hesitate the support is fantastic!!!!

1.3.12 -

Review posted by mrowell on at

Great Add-on. Works perfectly.

Combined with Lerteco Membership Commerce this add-on provides a very functional and robust system for allowing us to collect a joining fee from new members and place them to a specific group.


1.3.13 -

Review posted by dantheman on at


Really glad I bought this. It has plenty of very sensible options, it's easily added to the page, it really does the job. And I like the price too.
Review posted by johnny1453 on at

Register User Pro review

It adds some great functions and works without glitches. The interface is nice and clean and straight forward. I recommend using it. There are a couple of additional things that I would like to see in it, but since no other addon does them (or even does all the things that RUP does), I'm giving it a 5-star anyway.

- John (Canada)

1.3.13 -

Review posted by rosie607 on at

Nice plugin

Works well, totally satisfied with the plugin.

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