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...... This problem was resolved by turning OFF the registration form in system & setting: 1) set the "log in destination" to "custom page" with no page listed, 2) "Public Registration" to "off". Then I created a new "register/log in" page with Reg Pro and directed users from there. Seems to be working perfectly now. :)

W2f wrote: i just installed the Reg Pro and i am having a problem. In order for me to log in as Admin to my site - it still uses the old default log in/sign up page. (i am using Venture theme if that makes any difference?). Once logged in that way i get a logged in notice in my navigation bar. if i add the Reg Pro to a page, i get 2 different "logged in" notices... i can not figure out how to turn off the default....or over ride it? any suggestions?? thanks :) ps... i had already made a change in the config/theme_path to use the venture theme for the log in/register/page denied pages so the colors match.... i think there might be a conflict with that and/or ventures drop down navigation which automatically shows the user logged in or out. should i contact the developer as well?

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply

Just wanted to clarify is this already resolved?

w2f replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JZ,
(was out of town for a while unable to check emails... sorry for the delay to reply.)

The issue was adding the Reg Pro block where the theme was already displaying the log in/sign up feature in the navigation bar. I chose not to remove the sign In/ Register code from the theme because i would then have to add the Reg Pro block to each page for users to log out. So I am happy using the Reg Pro for users to register and log in from certain pages other than the main page, which is fine and what i needed. ( but I do like the log in/ register options to remain in the navigation bar, where even a user logged in from a Reg Pro page can still log out from the navigation bar.

So, answer is "yes". Thank you very much for checking up. That is really considerate :)
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Glad to hear that :)


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