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I've been having ongoing issues with my site bumping me off (logging me out and sending me to the default concrete5 log in page to log back in)...i've noticed that it improves when i am able to work on my site once that happens and I click on "stay logged in to website" from the default page. Is there a way for Register User Pro to over ride the default settings to automatically stay "logged in" from the default settings so the Reg Pro does not have a conflict? I think that may be my issue. thanks so much.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I had a similar problem some years back but it was due to the site switching between http and https and dropping all session data. Once I found the cause the fix was quick and easy (just make the https version the default URL in the C5 config).

But Register User Pro uses some of the built-in C5 libraries for managing sessions so it won't fix things for you if you're having trouble staying logged in. Unfortunately there could be one of a hundred causes for that. A couple suggestions to try first (if you're not familiar with some of these settings you may need to talk to your hosting provider):

- Check session timeout on your server (15 minutes is usually default - if it's set to something like 1 min, it will log out quickly). Test the site on another server (different hosting provider) to eliminate this option.

- Browser plugin could kill the session data - try using a different web browser (such as Safari or Firefox)

- Web server disk could be full and not able to record new sessions.

- A bunch of different PHP.ini settings could affect this - usually a clean slate on a new server should work fine. Again, test a different web host to isolate this.

- If you're running a local web server (on your computer), try uploading the site to a real server and see if that's it.

Good luck with sorting this out.


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