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Review posted by ArpVegas on at

Responsive Embed

Works perfectly, easy to use.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Brilliant Block with a Bad Name

I would have named this Ultimate iFrame! I'd even add the exclamation point. This thing is amazing. Butt simple to set up, just use the default settings. This closes the book on 5.7 iframe addons.
Review posted by Dushka on at

A brilliant iframe block

This iframe block is so simple to use and works like a charm. I'm not technically-minded enough to figure out how the author was able to create a dynamic iframe that works so elegantly, but he has done it. The usual annoying iframe scroll bars are automatically avoided.

I don't know if I'm breaking any rules here, but I thought I would add that this block works really well with a marvelous little animation package called MotionArtist. MotionArtist projects can be exported in html5 which, when incorporated into a Responsive Embed block, enables an interactive experience. I have a test page on my site which illustrates what I mean. You can see it at,

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