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Round Corners on Anything

This add-on is compatible with Concrete 5.5.

See this add-on in action at: http://c5extras.com/add-ons/round-corners/

Finally! You can quickly and easily add round corners to almost any element: images, div tags, list items, span tags, text links and more.

This add-on is easy to install and use. Best of all you can use a standard CSS-style selector to choose which elements you wish to apply round corners to (eg. #mydivtag or .myclassname).

This add-on is ideal for: galleries, menus, sidebar backgrounds, page wrapper backgrounds, featured content, etc.

This add-on has been tested on Internet Explorer (including IE6), Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.


  • Quickly and easily add rounded edges with just a few clicks - no need for images anymore!
  • Use CSS-style selector to choose elements
  • Control rounded edges on multiple elements on the same page with different settings (using just 1 block)
  • Flexible control over rounding - round all corners, 2 corners or just 1.
  • Control rounding radius (size)
  • Anti-aliasing for smooth edges
  • Works on a plain background AND image backgrounds (of div tag)
  • Supports rounded borders (controlled via CSS)
  • Supports transparency (to absorb coloring on corners from layer below affected element)
  • Supports padding and margin
  • Supports native rounding in Firefox, Safari and Chrome (for improved performance)
  • Cross-browser support
  • Degrades gracefully if visitor doesn't have Javascript enabled
  • NEW (v1.3): It DOES support images now - not just background images
  • NEW (v1.3): New rounding engine doesn't use jQuery so it works perfectly with Concrete5.4.2+ (old engine wasn't compatible)



  • Does not work with Flash animations (as Flash uses a browser plugin)


How to use:

  1. Add the Rounded Corners block (just once) to your page.
  2. Enter the ID/classes of the elements you wish to modify.
  3. Add the rounding radius (size) and style.
  4. That's it!

To change the background and border colours of your selected elements, just edit your CSS (stylesheet) file as usual or use the "design" tool (by clicking on any block in edit mode).

If you want the rounding to appear on all pages, please add it to the page type (via Pages & Themes > Page Types), and set the block to all children pages.


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