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Review posted by envisage on at

Scribd add-on that works!

I was going to title this "Scribd for dummies" but figured that it would be taken the wrong way. This is really a smart add-on and exactly (with a few fixes from Nic) what I needed for the client. Easy to set up, Easy to use, Easy to update. The client doesn't want to deal with HTML code and this is a great interface that works magic for them. They have documents that update daily and they simply go to the page and edit the block, upload the new document and they are done. No code, no uploading separately at Scribd, no wasting time duplicating work. A perfect solution!

There were some bugs that needed to be worked out and Nic was great. Provided quick service and solutions that made this a 5 star add-on.
Review posted by witwag on at

Good solution for 95% of website owners

It does what it says. If the person using the backoffice does not want to login on Scribd, copy and paste the doc's URL, then this is the solution. You stay within C5 and it's easy to use. A couple elements would make it perfect, such as the possibility to see already posted documents and select among them, plus the setup tab should be hiddden once it's set, because I think the average Joe might be tempted to change things. But it's a cool addons, well coded and does not conflict with other addons. Well worth the bucks.
Review posted by dilio on at

Scribd Module

I am delighted about this script for scribd. It saves time and therefore money, particularly when this is needed on a regular basis. I emailed support to help install CURL on my server (it is usually already installed on servers), and Nic was available to to the installation virtually instantly.
Review posted by ThemeGuru on at

Mixed Feelings....

I personally agree with cannonf700 with a few extra clicks I can do it for free.

Sorta wish the addon was $15 then I would buy it now.

I will put it on the back burner for now...
Review posted by nalberto on at

Depends who does it

Hi Cannonf700
You are right. You can perfectly achieve this by going to the scribd site, registering for an account, upload a doc, retrieve the html code and put the code in your page using html module.

This gives just a much simple way of doing it if you give your cms to someone with limited knowledge (most of my clients actually)

I just hope it helps
Review posted by cannonf700 on at


You can achieve the same thing by using the HTML block and then posting the "insert" code given by Scribd when you upload a documente...
I love this idea but it makes me wonder if your asking too much $$ for something you can do for free with a few extra clicks of the mouse?

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