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Review posted by dubl0dude on at

Great plugin!

This is exactly what I needed for a site I'm working on. I made a responsive site that had a simple search bar in the header and a search bar in an off-canvas navigation for mobile. Both of these search blocks were outputting their results to a separate page, but still returning the results in their own area as well. As you can imagine this caused the design to look incredibly broken. I was forced to hide the search results in the header and off-canvas nav with CSS, but it still bothered me that the results were still being generated and returned - that was precious page load time being wasted. This plugin has totally fixed my problem now. I simply set it to search but no results and problem solved! I can't believe this isn't included with the C5 core, it's that useful. I will be using this for every C5 site with a search that I build in the future.
Review posted by anchoredbutterfly on at


Thanks for this, such a needed add-on, I'm surprised this isn't part of the core.

1.0 -

Review posted by baringo on at

This makes me happy!

It's a pretty simple thing, but this block still made my day. Before trying this myself, I thought I'd google it but didn't think I'd get what I was looking for. This is exactly it! Thanks JohnTheFish for taking your time to publish this small but useful block.

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