The On-Page SEO Helper

Once installed, the SEO icon will be placed in the toolbar in the upper right. Click on it to open the SEO panel.

The SEO panel has 3 major elements:

  1. Search Results Preview
  2. Site Settings button
  3. Page Issues List

Search Results Preview

The Search Results Preview button will open a dialog box showing what your page might look like in a search engine.

Site Settings Button

The Site Settings button will open the Search Experience Optimization Settings dashboard page.

Page Issues List

The Page Issues List is the most important element of the SEO panel. It will show items on your page that may be causing lower than expected SEO results. Some examples are:

  • Page title that is too long, short, poorly formatted
  • Meta description that is too long or too short.
  • Keywords and keyphrases on the page. This includes, if enabled, the correlation between the meta keywords and the words actually found on the page.
  • Missing header tags
  • Images with missing 'alt' attributes

Items with good ratings are shown with a thumbs up icon. Those that result in poor ratings are shown with a thumbs down icon.

Many of the items will give hints to help you fix the issue. One example is:

The home page of a newly installed site named 'concrete5' would have a page title of 'concrete5 :: Home'.

This page title is poor in a few ways:

  • It is too short. At 16 characters, there is much room for improvement, as a page title should be around 55 characters long.
  • The site name is at the beginning. Best practice is that the page name comes first and then the site name.

How do you fix these issues?

  • Change the name of the page. Perhaps from 'Home' to 'Making the world of CMS's a better place for you'. This new page title, along with the site name comes to 56 characters long.
  • You can change the way the page title is created. Go to the settings page and click the 'Set to Recommended' button and then the 'Save Settings' button. Now the home page title would be: Making the world of CMS's a better place for you - concrete5