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Search Tools


The Search Tools package consists of 3 blocks and a dashboard page:

  • Advanced Page List Block
  • Search Form Block
  • Tag Cloud Block
  • Zip Code database manager dashboard page

The Advanced Page List

This block will allow you to display page lists filtered by page properties, and display search results from the Search Form and the Tag Cloud.

Current property types supported: text, textarea, select, checkbox and number.
Properties need to be ticked as indexed.

Note that the search results provided by the Advanced Page List block are built differently to the core Search block and are not ranked by relevance. Also, the Advanced Page List block does not currently support highlighting of keywords in the results.

The Search Form

This block will allow you to create an advanced search form for your site. You can allow users to search by keywords, page properties or perform a "radius" search based on proximity to a given zip code.

Current property types supported: text, textarea, select, checkbox and number.
Current property types supported for zip code lookup: text and address.
Properties need to be ticked as indexed.

The Tag Cloud

This block will enable you to create a tag cloud of your site based on any indexed select type attribute. A limited free version of this block can be found here: https://marketplace.concretecms.com/marketplace/addons/tag-cloud/

The  Zip Codes Database

The Search Tools package allows you to upload a zip codes database in order to be able to then search pages whithin a zip code radius. Pages need to have either a text attribute with the zip code or an address attribute. This is particularly useful to build store locators.

The nearest zip code will be found in a straight line from the desired location. The search tools does not take into account any geography that may make some straight line zip codes unaccesible or less convenient to access from the requested location  (eg: countries with multiple islands)

Note that the Search Tools package does not include any zip codes database. Databases for different countries can be found either freely or by buying them directly from postal companies. The Search Tools zip code database tool has been built around the format available at: http://download.geonames.org/export/zip/ . Any database sourced from a different place will have to be re-formatted to follow that format.


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