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Review posted by Powerhousedynamics on at

Amazing and simple!

450 redirects in about 10 minutes, most of the time being fixing the CSV files.
Huge kudos for a super value!
Review posted by BrettDashwood on at

This is a must have tool when moving a site

Whether a website is coming from hand-coded HTML pages or from another CMS, if you are implementing a site with Concrete5 then you must have the ability to keep the months/years of SEO value previously built up by the old site. If working with a customer who is paying the bill, this is a no-brainer and very easy to justify
Review posted by chemmett on at

Works great, and developer friendly

Works perfectly, and I would have given it 5 stars already, but I also discovered the code is structured in such a way that it makes it easy to programatically add and remove redirects from other parts of Concrete5. Just load the helper object in your scheduled job or other event handler and you can add redirects as if they were entered manually through the dashboard.

Very well written and well worth the money.
Review posted by wildapple on at

Highly recommend for site rebuilds

This is huge time saver and most importantly it's easy for my customer to manage so they take full ownership of this task. Thank You!
Review posted by 3hawk on at

Awesome! Saved my site from losing rank

I rebuilt an existing hand-coded site on a different server in C5. I laboriously entered my redirects through cPanel, so they showed in htaccess. But they didn't work! Google found lots of 404s. I searched forum posts, tried htaccess editing - nothing worked, but this add-on worked the first time (well, after I got the little bit of formatting corrected).

I already had a spreadsheet, so I saved as CSV, uploaded, and voila! All redirects are working!

Thank you! My redirects are worth FAR more than the paltry $18 for this add-on. Bargain of my year so far.
Review posted by scdesign on at

Integral for all site upgrades!

Awesome add-on. I always use this when redeveloping a website, saves a lot of headaches! Thank you!
Review posted by ppisoban on at

So simple to use, it'll make you smile!!

This is a perfect solution for all of us who struggle with htaccess files! So easy to use, it's child's play. It makes redeveloping and launching a new site so much easier. Thank you!!
Review posted by servondesign on at

Does what it says on the tin

So easy to use and allows both technical and non-technical people to get on with. With a large number of redirects to carry out it is being most helpful and saving of time.
Review posted by BrettDashwood on at

Exactly what was needed for moving a site from an older CMS without losing Google rankings

A client's site was on an old CMS (no pretty urls ;-) and we were bringing it across to a new C5 site.

The tricky thing is that we were developing in dev and although we control the DNS for the domain, the old site was sitting on a different server, so we basically had to get it right without much testing, very quickly as we were propagating the DNS.

We has already completed a Google site: search, so we had all of the URLs that needed to be redirected. Then I created a spreadsheet with the old and new pages/urls.

I researched a fair bit and was reluctant to have this as the first project where we were going to do fairly decent editing of .htaccess

We tried another C5 add-on, however it wasn't as intuitive and didn't have an import option, however SEO: 301 Redirects was perfect. We simply added another another column for the PAGE and URL settings, imported and were up and running.
Review posted by Adreco on at

Labor Saver!

Just redesigned and moved an eCommerce site. This add-on was a huge labor saver leaving me time better spent on other aspects of the site.
Review posted by jstrong on at

Just what I needed!

I moved my site from an old CMS product and needed a possibly changing list of redirects. I was trying to avoid clogging up .htaccess and went looking for something I could control completely from within concrete5 - SEO 301 Redirect fits the bill perfectly. Easy to install and use, no speed degradation I've noticed, and is just great. Thanks!
Review posted by ross111 on at

Fast, easy to use addon

Does what it says on the tin and Denis's support it very good.

Perfect for those of us migrating from static and other CMS sites.
Review posted by bvcreative on at

An indispensable add-on for site migrations

We just moved a customer's website from a Windows/ASP environment to Concrete5, and while I was able to use aliases to catch some of the old URLs, it was not possible to handle most of the page redirects.

Having submitted a new sitemap to Google, we decided to 'live with it' and see how quickly Google updated their cache, but after a few days the old addresses were still showing up in Google and the customer was getting understandably concerned.

It was then that I found this add-on, and I have to say it's absolutely perfect. The speed and ease with which I was able to set up redirects from every existing URL to the equivalent new page was a real lifesaver.

A particularly helpful feature was the ability to set up redirects to files in Concrete5. We have some PDFs cached by Google and linked to by 3rd-party sites... this add-on made it effortless to point those old addresses at the PDFs in Concrete5.

Thank you for providing such an excellent tool.
Review posted by jordanlev on at

Incredibly useful!

This is a great addon -- such a simple idea, and well-implemented. This comes in handy when you've moved a website, or you built a Concrete5 site to replace an older site on the same domain and you still have Google search results linking to the old URL's.

Only one minor quibble: the addon is not very clear about how slashes are handled -- I assume you need to start each url with a slash, but I didn't realize you need the trailing slash to exactly match the old URL (I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working at first -- but it turned out to be because I didn't end my URL's in a slash in some cases, even though it worked in others). So it would be nice if it automatically handled leading and trailing slashes for you (basically equating "my-page" with "/my-page" and "/my-page/"). But this is a minor point -- overall this addon is great!

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