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Review posted by Brainakazariua on at

SEO Analyzer

Very usefull tool for checking your seo on any website.
As a developer or website manager for one of multiple sites I can really suggest this.

You can check any website from the same dashboard so you can simply add this to your own site and then check your clients sites from it. Helping them out with seo related material becomes much easier this way
Review posted by Ekko on at

Pays for itself

Having the ability to check your seo from the dash in incredibly useful for anybody. For us as webmasters it saved a lot of time and we were able to shave at least a few hours off our writing time simply by being able to check everything in the dash. For the client it has kept them in the seo loop at all times and makes it easy to explain some of the complexities involved and now they can check their own written copy and understand it thanks to the help section.

One of the large standouts besides the time saving, and ease of use is how fast it returns results. Search the page and all its info is there instantly. Too many positive points to cover so I will just say, buy this if you want to get serious about your seo efforts.
Review posted by Gingebean on at

SEO Analyzer

This is a great little add-on
Does everthing it says it does and presents it all in a really clear way , and the help section is nice a great bonus !

Think i will be installing this on most of my sites !!
Good work !!
Review posted by mikefatty on at

SEO - Analyzer - a great tool for a good price

I think that your addon is quite awesome, I added my page in your SEO analyzer and could see that I'm missing a really important keyword in my seo, it not repeated enough on my side. So SEO Analyzer is a great tool!

It could be nice if SEO Analyser could be able to suggest/generate some keywords in some way.

But overall its a great tool for a good price, i've give it
4 stars

1.1 -

Review posted by juddc on at

Handy Tool

Works as advertised.

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