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Would like to understand how this feature works within your SEO Manager Add-on. Is this something that is auto-generated or can i manually nominate canonical tags to pages where i see fit? If it is the latter i do not see anywhere to do this. I was hoping your add-on would take the work out of manually adding code to each page i see fit. Help please!!!!


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12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
It's auto generated.

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cygnature replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for that response. Okay get ready for the next quiz?
1. One of our developers accidentally put your Add-on onto the wrong site. He then put it onto the site we wanted but we can view no information. I am assuming it is because we only paid for one license so the second installation needs to be paid for.

2. Trying to understanding the auto generation of the canonical url manager. We have a site we want the canonical ref page to be:
however the page is also referenced by: via a page aliaser in C5.

Will your software realise the origin of the content and add the canonical url tag to the other supporting pages?

Just trying to understand the Canonical tag will point to the right page.

12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
1) im not sure whats going on there. Can you give a screenshot of whats going on?
2) The canonical urls doesn't take aliases into account.

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