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SEO Search Engine Rank Tracker

SEO Search Engine Rank Tracker allows you to track your search engine positions and can show these values graphically. It works for intranet as well as for internet applications. It shows a little line chart for the last 20 ranks it fetched.

Tracking of the results takes place in a job so it is asynchronous from viewing. This helps your pages to load faster. You can postpone tracking to late hours when you don't expect a lot of traffic on your site.

Configuration and a complete overview over your rankings can be found within the concrete5 dashboard. You can set important keyword-wide settings like the user agent that is sent and you can specify a proxy server to hide your ip from search engines.

You can place your rankings for a keyword and a domain wherever you like. An example is shown on the example URL.

If you buy this addon you get an addition of a Google search engine for free, if your language version is not available. Currently only Google US and Germany are supported, but support can be added within minutes and I will do the first one for free.

UPDATE: Version 2.0 is a vast improvement over 1.0. You can now track positions without showing them to your website visitors. It's a complete private Rank Tracker.

ATTENTION: You should use a http proxy. microvpn.com offers one for 5 Dollars per month.

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