How To's

How to Use:

  • Download SEO Power Tools: Page Attribute Import/Export.
  • Upload SEO Power Tools: Page Attribute Import/Export folder to the Packages directory of your Concrete5 website.
  • Install SEO Power Tools: Page Attribute Import/Export from the Dashboard under "Extend concrete5."
  • Click on the newly added link "Attribute Importer" on the Dashboard panel.
  • From the Export Page, select the necessary Pages and Attrbiutes you wish to manage then click on the "Export to CSV" link
  • Apply your preferred changes using any CSV editor (MS Excel, OpenOffice, etc.) and save the updated CSV file. 
  • Click on the import link on the Dashboard panel under "Attribute Importer."
  • Import the updated CSV file to apply the changes.

PLEASE NOTE: Importing an incorrectly formatted CSV may cause corruption of your existing Page Attributes. We recommend backing up your database before importing a new CSV. We also recommend importing a few pages/rows as a test before importing lots of records.