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Simple JWPlayer Video Player

Simple video player that makes use of Longtail Video's JWPlayer version 6.


  • Assign an image placeholder for display when the player is loading or before your user hits play.
  • Use a single video, set of videos, or link to remote video files (YouTube, or any supported format)
  • Assign preview images per video when working with local file sets
  • Display a video list at the top right, top left, bottom right, or bottom left of the player window and assign your height or width values.
  • Video autostart option - Have your player automatically start on page load.
  • Player height and width value input and responsive design support
  • RTMP streaming
  • Select player skin per block + upload new skin or edit existing ones directly from the dashboard
  • Update player library directly from your dashboard
  • Fancybox video gallery custom template. (This video output method supports displaying Vimeo videos and images. JWPlayer itself does not support either of these media types so they are ignored when using that display mode.)
Features available if you have a JWPlayer Pro license or above:
  • Video watermark - Display your company logo over top of video playback.
  • Google Analytics tracking


Player video format support:


JWPlayer is free for non-commercial websites. If you would like to use this module on a commercial website it is required that you purchase a license.


Concrete5 version 5.7+ support coming soon.

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