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Sliding Login Panel

This add-on helps you to add a top slider login/registration panel. It is very interactive & user friendly. Though you need to follow the below instructions befor e install this add-on.

You need to put the below code just after starting the body tag into the header.php to make it work properly.

<?php  $SLogin = new Area('Sliding Login'); $SLogin->display($c); ?>

The header.php may be vary in respect of themes. But in general convention, it is header.php  


Q. How to enable Registration on your site?

Ans: Sometime you cannot see the registration panel after installing the sliding login add-on. Don’t need to worry. In C5 admin panel, there is a setting to enable registration. Please follow the below steps to enable login:

For Concrete 5.5 or above versions:

 Go to C5 Dashboard => System & Settings => Under “Login & Registration” Click Public Registration => the below prompt will appear => choose the red circled options => Click “Save”. That’s all.

·         Image for Concrete 5.5 and above versions  – Image 1

For Concrete 5.4.X +:

Go to C5 Dashboard => Click on “Users & Groups” => Click “Login & Registration” tab => At the below of the page there is a section called “Registration” => choose the red circled options => Click “Save”. That’s all.

·         Image for Concrete 5.4.X and above versions  – Image 2


Sales have ended due to EOL

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