Bitter Installer

The Bitter Installer is a genuine innovation in the Marketplace. It is an alternative installation option. The Bitter Installer is a dialog-based CLI application for Linux server systems that automatically downloads and installs concrete5, as well as the Bitter Theme, the UI Bundle and the Bitter Shop System + PDF Designer. To do this, the installer connects to the Marketplace through your account, creates a project for your page, links the licenses to the page, downloads the extensions, and installs them. The advantage: efficiency, time saving and error reduction. In addition, you benefit permanently of updates thanks to the correct installation way.

Watch the video to the how it works.

Installation of the Bitter Installers

Connect to your server via SSH. Once you have successfully connected, execute the following commands:

chmod +x bitter-installer
sudo cp bitter-installer /usr/local/bin

Once you've installed the Bitter Installer on your server, you can use it as often as you like. This is e.g. handy if you have a server and you manage multiple domains and want to quickly and easily set up concrete5 with an image of the demo page of the Bitter Themes. Thus with just a few keyboard entries you have a perfect starting point

Example usage

In order to install in a specific location using the Bitter Installer, execute the following commands:

cd /path/to/htdocs

Then follow the steps of the Installer.