Terms of use

Terms of Usage

Please read this article in detail before making a purchase.

1) Refund of the purchase price

Even if it happens rarely - the subject of refund is a bothersome topic. Refunds cause a lot of work for me as well as for the billing department of concrete5. Therefore, read the article description and test the application via the online demo.

There will be no refund of the purchase price if you:

  • if you have made a "fun purchase".
  • if you have not read the item description correctly.
  • if you have just bought this product for comparison with other extensions and would like to cancel it afterwards
  • if your purchase expectations were not met.
  • if the purchase is more than 30 days in the past

The regular refund policy of concrete5 apply.

2) License terms

This add-on is licensed under the concrete5 marketplace license.

3) Installation

Please avoid installation via FTP, but follow the installation instructions of concrete5.org. This is the only way to ensure that you automatically benefit from updates. Moreover, this installation method is less error-prone than FTP.

3) Feature requests

Of course, it is particularly important to me to create good software solutions that fulfil all customer requirements. Nevertheless please note, that the software solutions are acquired the way they were seen. Almost all of my extensions have an extensive online demo and a documentation. If I have the time and if I consider a change proposal to be useful for the community, I will implement it. However, since I have a lot to do, "nice-to-have's" may have long waiting times.

4) Bugfixing

In case of errors I am considerably fast with the correction and also offer professional support.

However, it is necessary to clearly differentiate between application errors and software errors. A typical application error would be e.g. a faulty installation where file transfer problems occurred. Before you open a support ticket, please exclude first of all possible mistakes on your part. When you open a support ticket, please use only the support address on bitbucket.com. When opening a support ticket please provide as much information as possible to be able to replicate the error. These include:

  • A detailed error description
  • What steps are necessary to replicate the error
  • Your Browser information
  • The environment information from concrete5

5) Support

Installation help, remote help via TeamViewer and/or Sykpe, individual adjustments specifically for your project etc. are possible, as long as I am not busy with other projects at the desired time. Just make a non-binding contact request via a message on concrete5.org. My hourly rate is $120. The first hour is always fully charged. Thereafter, billing takes place every 15 minutes. An invoice can be shown.