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Specifications Table Builder

Building a clean and easy to read feature list can be a real challenge. While you can certainly build tables from scratch using the Content Block, that might be a bit too time consuming and flexible for your project. This add-on makes showing Specifications, Requirements, or any Features list a lot easier.

  • Add Header and Sub Header rows that pull from a style sheet.
  • Add name/value pairs for Features and Descriptions.
  • Add a Feature Row for a pretty checkbox image.
  • Centrally manage the list of available names for Features. (ie: Change MB to MegaBytes in one place and it's updated everywhere it's used.)
  • Values can be text, or a graphical check box which you can change in one central spot.
  • Creates nicely styled tables that your content editors can't break. Doesn't allow content creators to get crazy with multiple columns, making row spans, etc. Just make the list and keep it pretty! 
  • Not for building comparison tables, just for single feature lists

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