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Typical websites should serve as HTTPS these days, so we don't have a plan to support version 8+.

Redirect users to https URL with simple rules configuration on your concrete5 site.


  1. Go to Dashboard - System and Settings - Environment - SSL Redirection
  2. Enter the URL rule how you want to enable SSL direct for
  3. Click save

Example URL rule


If you would like to set all page in SSL, simply enter


Then, your entire concrete5 site will be redirected to SSL.

Configuration File

When you set up the URL rules from Dashboard, concrete5 will generate the following config file


OR you could easily override the setting by creating the following PHP file. By creating the following file, you will not be able to change any setting from the dashboard.


Official GitHub repository

About the license

This add-on has been released under MIT license, so you can download from GitHub, and use without purchasing on

If you need a support from me or you'd like to use marketplace features (install or upgrade from dashboard), please consider to buy a support ticket. Any support request without contribution on GitHub is not accepted.

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