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Review posted by topuserid on at

Wanted website to show https:// instead of http://

Works even for newbies!
I have no idea how it works or even how to use it.
I entered nothing in the box and it worked anyway.
Could not find this option when I searched from the website add-ons, even when I specifically used the name, but had to go to the concrete5 marketplace and search there.
Proof that even dummies may be able to use this software.
Review posted by Fanflame on at

Crashed my site!

Added this to my site and then logged into my dashboard to apply it. After clicking the install button the site went blank and the this page came up flicking between http:// and https:// every other second ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

Now I cannot access my dashboard, log in or even view the site at all"! All I did was click install!

Unbelievable! Really disappointed that this is gonna cause me so much work!
Review posted by tallacman on at

Really Easy SSL

No more mucking with the htaccess file. Just put an asterisk in the box and save the settings.
Review posted by okapi on at

Easy to use and effective

That add-on solved the problem i had with my custom login page - now it forces SSL for that page. Usage couldn't be easier. Thank you for that!
Review posted by baysmedia on at

Really handy add-on!

Just deployed this to provide SSL redirects for certain areas of my site. It works as stated, and is really easy to use!

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