WARNING: concrete5 5.6 and earlier are end-of-life. Sales from the marketplace have now ended. Click here to learn more about this transition.

Stack Manager

now also available for 5.7

easily manage your stacks from the dashboard

This version is for legacy concrete5 5.6 and is no longer maintained or supported. This version is now available for free.


  • nice overview of all the stacks used on your site
  • a lot more info than the core's 'Stacks' provide:
    stackname, cID, cvID, Author, DateModified, Approver, Approved, Global
  • sort stacks on all available fields within the list
  • scroll throughout the stacks (also global) and preview selected stacks within the manager, without reloading the page
  • easily see if stacks need approval (workflow)
  • 'Used By': find out where a stack is being used (also searches some add-on blocks!!, template function included to add it to your own block)
  • options: add stacks, edit stack (in preview), Add (block), Rename, Permissions, Version history, Used by, Duplicate, Delete, Submit to workflow, Approve
  • move the unsorted order of stacks (same as original Stacks)
  • Stack Manager is added to the dashboard


'Used By'

With the 'Used By' button, you can track down where a stack is being used. Stack Manager searches your site for reference to this stack. Not only for Concrete5's standard way of using stacks. It also supports - or is supported - by some add-on blocks:

Stack Randomizer, VR Tabs Lite, Enlil Genetic Stacks

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