Stack Manager for Concrete5 5.7 en 8

Stack Manager is now also availabble ffor concrete5 v8.1 and up. These docs will be updated soon.

Stacks have many great uses in concrete5. With Stack Manager, you can now preview, edit and check all your stacks and global area's in one view.


Stack Manager will save you a lot of time. Less reloading and fewer clicks !

If you are new to stacks, you can read the official docs here and here


Access to Stack Manager

After installing Stack Manager, you can access it from:

  • the dashboard (under the ´Stacks & Blocks´ section)
  • a menu button when editing (top right, next to the search field).


Stack Manager overview

You will see an overview with all your site's stacks (and global area's).

A lot of info is available. In normal use, you won't need all of it, but some of it may be handy at some point.


You can sort the table on all fields. Want to find unapproved stacks ? Just click on 'Approved' and see them all in one glance.

You can resize the table at the bottom. Want to see more stacks ? Or want to see more content ? Just adjust the size.


Available info:

  • Stackname - Every stack or global area has it's own name
  • cID -  A unique number for identification of the stack. Most users won't need this, as it is used by concrete5 internally, but this can be useful for developers
  • cvID -  The version number of the stack. Most users won't need this, but this can be useful for developers. Stack Manager will list the most recent version of the stack. This may be different from the published (live) stack
  • Blocks -  The number of blocks that are in the stack. With just looking at this number, you can see in a glance if a stack or global area holds any content
  • Author -  The user who created the stack. (can be empty)
  • DateModified - The date and time the stack was modified last
  • Modified - The user who last modified the stack. (can be empty)
  • Approver - The user who last approved the stack. (can be empty)
  • Approved -  Approve status of the stack. Here you can see if a stack still needs approval. If you created a Workflow for editing stacks, this status will also be 'no' when waiting for approval from another user
  • Global -  The stack is a special 'global Area', or a normal stack. Global area's are also listed with a darker background color
  • Move -  Click and drag to change the order of the stacks. When you do this, the order will change permanently (when you look at the stacks in ´/dashboard/sitemap/full´ (with ´System Pages´ enabled) you will see the changed order).


Selected stack

The currently selected stack will be displayed here. (also the highlighted stack in the table).



Buttons with the available options for the selected stack will appear:

  • Add Block -  Same functionality as concrete5´s
  • Version History -  Same functionality as concrete5´s
  • Rename -  Same functionality as concrete5´s, but with a duplicate name check. Also after renaming, the old name will be listed in the overview in bold letters behind the new name
  • Stack Permissions -  Same functionality as concrete5´s
  • Stack Used By -  This is a special Stack Managers option to find out where on your site the stack is being used. See here for more details
  • Delete Stack -  Same functionality as concrete5´s
  • Duplicate Stack -  Same functionality as concrete5´s, but with a duplicate name check
  • Approve or Submit to Workflow - Same functionality as concrete5´s
  • Needs Workflow Approval -  If you have permissions for it, this button will link you to the ´/Workflow/Waiting for me´ page.



Here you can preview and edit your stack's content.

The big advantage is that you can do this all within Stack Manager ! This will save you a lot of clicks and reloading time.