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Stack Modal

This package may have compatibility problems with certain themes and newer versions of Internet Explorer.  

Please check the forums of this package for a BETA version which may address some issues. Further maintenance of this add-on is unlikely.

The stack modal block allows you to include a stack as a modal/popup overlay, linking to it with a standard text link or an image from the file manager.

A great block for including items such as videos, policies, etc. Should work with most standard block types nicely, blocks that require a post action (such as forms) will need to be modified to work in an overlay window.

Allows website editors/users to use modal windows without breaking your site! No HTML to learn, no CSS selectors, just add this block, choose your link text, choose a stack and you're up and running with a modal overlay window.

Features at a Glance

  • Select any user-added stack to load in the modal window.
  • Uses bootstrap version 2.0 to load the modal window, includes only needed, customized bootstrap files to lower dependency and decrease load time.  A theme that uses bootstrap is not required.
  • Easily customized through custom templates. Change the look of links, images, and even the modal window with a simple override.

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