Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when dates and time overlaps other planned stacks?
Stack Planner shows only 1 stack at the time. When there is overlap in date and/or time, the stacks that end first will be shown until the overlap date/time has passed.

How does the Stack Infinity work with the Stack Planner?

1. Create stacks for Stack Infinity.
Make sure you keep it comprehensible by choosing smart names. Eg. if you wat to randomize fruit, create stacks such as Fruit_Apple, Fruit_Bananas, Fit_grapes, etc.

2. Create a stack containing Stack Infinity and select the stacks you have created.
Eg. name this stack, Fruit_Infinity

3. Go to you page, add the Stack Planner block and select the stack, Fruit_Infinity

4. Select date and time and click SAVE

The Stack Planner will now show Stack Infinity containing different stacks on a specific time and date. You can add as much (randomized) stacks as you like.


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