Frequently Asked Questions

I can see a PopOver, but it's all dark...
You have created a stack which is nothing more then one or more blocks put together. You need to style the Stack PopOver window so it will look exactly how you want it to look.

1. Create a stack to show in your Stack PopOver window and SAVE it.

2. add the Stack PopOver block to your website, choose the stack you created and enter all the options you want, then SAVE it. The Stack PopOver block has now been added to your page.

3. Now, click on the Stack PopOver block and select DESIGN. You can set the background colors, border and padding right here. 

4. SAVE it and you're done!  

How big can the trigger images be?
There is no limit to how big your image can be. Just don't create images that are too big or hide too much of your page. Keep in mind that your page can also be viewed by people with mobile devices.

What should the trigger image be saved as?
We think it's best if you save your image as a .PNG file with transparency. This way you will still see part of the info underneath the trigger image. However; you can create any kind of image you like. If Concrete5 supports it, so do we!

Is the Stack PopOver only for Bootstrap enables themes?
No! The Stack PopOver should work with any theme!

Can I use forms and active content with StackPopOver?
Currently Concrete5's core does not support handeling active content in PopOver windows. Therefore we cannot support this feature with Stack PopOver. However you can get it to work if you also add the stack (you are using in Stack PopOver) to the page as well. 


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