Version History

0.9.0 - Initial PRB submission

0.9.3 - Live in Marketplace; multiple usability tweaks/adjustments. Added two new listing blocks, and a catgory/department block.

1.0.1 - Multiple tweaks. Added ability to easily create different directory sections by using the Directory Listing attribute when creating a new page.

1.0.2 - Added compatibility for Concrete 5 version 8.2.1

1.0.3 - Added Fax Number to profiles

1.0.5 - Changed from Redactor editor to standard C5 editor for admin detail page, bio fields.

1.1 - Added ability for importing records into the module. (Requires the directory be setup first, and images to be uploaded before importing). Additional minor tweaks

1.1.1 - Adjusted code to alert users who have InDirectory installed to uninstall that, before installing Staff Directory.

1.1.2 - Fixed bug with pagination breaking while performing a search in the directory.

1.1.3 - Minor tweaks to import process

1.1.6 - Update to A-Z filters; added ability to bulk delete records from admin listing - Updated compatibility for C5 v8.4 and php 7.2 

1.1.8 - Bug Fixes: Fixed the bug where deleted directory category was still showing in the filter and where directory category filter was matching for wildcard rather than exact search.

1.1.9 - Updates for Compatibility with ConcreteCMS v9.