Version History


 - PRB Submission


 - Added selectable themes, Map marker sizing control,
   Custom code validation, Split form into tabbed areas,
   added styling to form hints.


 - Added popup Info Window functionality, added block header info / help,
   added form tool tips, fixed missing t() function in view.php,
   replaced unescape() funtion with decodeURI() in auto.js,
   updated links to Google maps API to remove an issue where undeclared libraries in URL
   would result in duplicate .js files being included when the block was added to the page


- Added option to select default info window state (onclick / onload ),
  Added js to hide custom code options unless 'Custom (Advanced)' has been selected from
  Standard Themes drop down menu.


- PRB Approved


- Added Satellite control feature, Added Street view control feature,
  Updated scroll wheel option from checkbox to select.


- Added Google maps API key input to Styled Maps form.
  Required by Google as of 22 June 2016.


- Fixed bug caused by WYSIWYG editor adding unwanted line breaks to Info window that resulted in maps not rendering.

1.2.2 ( v 5.7.1 -

- Remapped database schema to support C5 versions from 5.7.1 up to

1.2.3 ( v 5.7.5 & up )

- Update versioning to match current version for all C5 installs 5.7.5 and up

2.0.0 ( v 5.7.5 & up )

- Removed Google autocomplete as it relied on an API key & billing account to be provided.

- Default map view (Satellite, Roadmap, Hybrid, Terrain) option added.