Get a Google Maps API key

Google Maps now requires an API key

As of the 22nd of June 2016 Google maps will no longer be supporting keyless installs.

Any sites that displayed a Google map prior to this date will be offered keyless install support however if you are adding a Google map to your site for the first time after 22/06/2016 then you will require an API key.


How do I get an API key?

Obtaining an API key is a fairly quick and simple process.

Step 1. Head to this address

Step 1a. Click 'Get a Key'

Step 2. Agree to Googles terms & conditions

Step 3. Enter a name for your API Key (eg: my map) and click 'create'

Step 4. Your API key will have been created.
           You will need to copy / paste this key into the Styled Maps add-on whenever adding a Styled Maps block.