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Review posted by 10317976 on at

Amazing add on and Developer

This is an amazing custom google map. Lots of options and unique styles. Love the ability to add your own info and custom marker. This is the only simple map add-on that has Satellite and Street view! Developer was great and very responsive!!!
Response by Advite on at
Thank you for your review and thank you for your suggestions.

This add-on would not have the satellite & street view options if it was not for your questions.

1.1.0 -

Review posted by buurvrouw on at

Must have block

A simple google map with extra benefits :-) Color schemes and info window.
Response by Advite on at
Thanks for the review & for bringing an issue with info window editor to my attention.

(fixed in v1.2.1)

Feedback & support queries like this help to keep this add-on solid for everyone.
Review posted by webpresso on at


Really brilliant map tool with custom styles an pins.
And now with the possibility to add a Google API - my lifesaver!
Response by Advite on at
Thank you for the review.

It's nice to know that my work is useful to others and your time to comment really is appreciated.

I'm am also glad you found the API update to be helpful.

1.2.1 -

Review posted by banditetr on at

Awesome job - keep it simple

Review Add On: the Add On is perfect and it is a very good job easy and stable
Review Support: Fast and nice

Google API knowledge is important to made every Maps Add On work. Sometimes specially using Chrome or Firefox to manage your C5 project you need to activate this 3 API on Google-Side: Google Maps Java API, Geolocation, and most important (to get the list with locations without error massage about invalid location) Google Web Services API ;-)
Response by Advite on at
Hi banditetr,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Styled Maps add-on.

You're right, it is important to make sure that your Google API key is referencing the correct libraries.

With a large number of library options available to developers it is hard to know which library an application actually requires and in some cases it may require multiple libraries being activated on your API key, just as you mentioned.

The Styled Maps add-on makes use of the 'Places' library so to make things a bit easier and clear cut for users I have put together a very simple 4 step tutorial with images on how to get an API key that will work for Styled Maps.

Again, Thank you for the review and API tips for other users, It is very much appreciated.
Review posted by baysmedia on at

Better than the default Google Maps block

I only stumbled across this owing to Google requiring an API key for maps on new domains deployed since the end of June - which the default Google Maps block does not support out-of-the-box at time of writing this review. I'm so pleased that this made me look for alternatives - as otherwise I would not have come across this gem!

Great features like adding WYSIWYG content and logo to your marker, in addition to using different skins to better suit the colour scheme of a given theme.

I agree with previous comments that this could be improved by allowing for a custom marker - but that's not to take away from the other benefits of this add-on!
Response by Advite on at
Hi robbiebays82,

Thank you for your glowing review, it really is appreciated.

Just one thing, you mentioned that the add-on could be improved by allowing for a custom marker.

The Styled Maps add-on allows you to add any image as your marker by default so I can only guess that you may be describing a completely different feature all together?

If there is something that you would like to see added, please feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss it further.


1.2.3 -

Review posted by rijck on at

Excellent Add-On

Simple to use and provides great results. Brilliant Work. Thank You.
Review posted by 76West on at

Great Google Maps Add-On

This is a great example of a high-quality add-on for C5.

A clear UI that works like it says on the box.

Easy to add customization from SnazzyMaps ensures the map looks like it belongs on your site.
Review posted by Tanneme on at

Google Map Problem Resolved

I know that in many respects I am a rookie - especially when it comes to coding and such. That said, I recognize that it will probably take me longer to accomplish some tasks that are simple for the experienced and seasoned programmer. But after several sessions of banging my head against the wall, including over four hours this morning, I gave up on the standard Google Map feature.

After learning about this free Styled Maps add-on via the forum, I downloaded and installed the add-on and in less than 5 minutes I had a working, customizable Google Map on my website. No more "Invalid API Key" errors, no more cussing, no more fussing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Review posted by getdistinct on at

Really awesome map addon!

This add-on is solid! Looks amazing on full width sites and has been a great addition to my site. Thanks Advite for the free add-on. I know it takes a lot of time to build and a block and I appreciate your time! Do you plan to ever add support for multiple locations?
Response by Advite on at
Thanks getdistinct!

It's great to know others Concrete5 users such as yourself find my add-on useful.

I would hope to add multiple locations at some point in the near future as I can understand this being of importance but unfortunately at this stage I cannot give a time frame.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

It really is appreciated.
Review posted by grafoman on at

Very useful

Does what it says it does. Thanks for the useful add-on!
Response by Advite on at
Thank you grafoman!

I'm glad to hear you have found the Styled maps add-on to be useful.

I appreciate you taking the time to leave a review.

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