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Is it possible to get this addon extended to include "Directions to" functionality? This way the same tool can be used to help people plan the route. I think that would be awesome! This addon is pretty awesome already.

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Advite replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi and thanks, I'm glad you like my add-on.

Yes, it is possible to add this functionality to the Styled Maps add-on.

Unfortunately, at the moment I am not able to upgrade it to support this or any other features as my time is completely taken up with paid work.

I do hope to revisit this add-on in the near future to provide some new features.

I'm sorry I couldn't provide you with good news but unfortunately there is only so much time I can dedicate to developing and upgrading a free add-on.

Thank you for getting in touch and hopefully I can find some time soon to implement a few more features such as your suggestion.

BloodyIron replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, that's fine. Me posting is more so it could maybe eventually get implemented :P

It was a thought that stuck out, figured I should share it. Not exactly dying without it though.
Advite replied on at Permalink Reply
No problems at all.

I'm glad you shared your idea as it is a good one and something I think the add-on could benefit from.

Thanks again.
BloodyIron replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh, and I know this is more work, but toggling traffic options would be tasty too. Just for later or something! :)
Advite replied on at Permalink Reply
Good idea! will add that to my notes as well :)

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