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PLEASE NOTE: tcSlider is no longer supported.

tcSlider is a very powerful content and image slider add-on package custom built for Concrete5.  tcSlider supports many features including:

  • Transition effects: slide left, slide right, slide up, slide down, swap, fade
  • Slide ordering: random, position-based, specific slides
  • Adjustable transition times and viewing times
  • Slide types: images, file sets, generic content, Concrete5 blocks, Ajax
  • Ability to load a particular slide with a particular transition effect by clicking on a link
  • Ability place previous, next, and slide specific links or buttons anywhere on the page
  • "Active" links for styling links when their corresponding slide is shown
  • Ability to place any number of sliders on the same page
  • Slide settings can be set globally for an entire slideshow or for each individual slide
  • Basic support for users who do not have Javascript enabled in their browser

Slides may be dynamically created as they are displayed. The order of slides in a slideshow can easily be adjusted and can be set for each slide.  This means that the order slides play in need not be linear.

Slides can contain references to Concrete5 blocks and Ajax URLs.  This means that slides may contain complicated, dynamic content. With tcSlider it is even possible to embed one slider within another slider.

The ability to define links and buttons anywhere on the page provides incredible flexibility for using tcSlider within your site design.  You can have a slider in the middle of your page that is updated when the user clicks items in your navigation bar.

If you will be using tcSlider for advanced functionality like embedding blocks, using AJAX, or using custom links, you will want read the documentation (see the link at right or the readme.txt file included with the package) for detailed instructions on requirements and setup.

For some examples of tcSlider in action take a look at www.toddcrowe.com. And for an example site built with tcSlider: Classic Woodies by Larry

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