Professionals - Package

By default, this Add-On will create a package name, handle and description based on the values you enter for the theme (under the “Basics” tab). So if your theme handle is “awesome_theme”, your package will get the same value. So let’s dive into the “Package” tab, located under “Professionals”.

The first thing you’ll see is “Replace Package controller.php file”. This is a useful value to set to “Yes” if you load back in a theme at a later stage. It will completely remove the controller.php file and populate it according to the values you enter below that.

The first tab available within “Package” is “Basics”.

Enter a different value in this field, in case you don’t like the default name. Enter anything you’d like!

A handle for your theme. Mostly based on your name/theme. Only use lowercased letters and underscores in this field though. Make it unique if you want a new package and make it something meaningful too.

A description for your package, displayed under the Package Name if you’re going to install/uninstall/inspect the package.

Required concrete5 version
The version required before being able to actually install the package. May be useful if you use concrete5 8.x code and don’t want it to be installed in concrete5 5.7.x websites.

Most marketplace Add-Ons/Themes start with version 0.9.0. That is the default for value for this field. In case you’d like your own version entered here, you are able to do so. Use a minimum of 3 numeric values though, where each numeric value is followed by a dot (.). An example is 0.9.0 or

There is a “Interface” tab too, where you are able to direct install the package.

Direct Install
This value will determine whether or not to direct install the package (if not already installed). By default, your package will direct install (value: Yes). This will mean 1 less action for you after creating your package + theme!