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Review posted by Solanum on at

Nice Gallery - little problem with lightbox

A really nice and responsive gallery! I had a few problems getting the lightbox-effect to work properly. The solution: when editing the block you need to set the zoom/ enlarge mode "lightbox" AND edit the block's style settings to "lightbox". Only if both are applied, the lightbox will work.

I would have loved to see some arrows for navigation between the pictures - but that's ok.

Thanks for the free addon!
Review posted by banditetr on at

Simply the best free gallery

It is the best free gallery Add On in the Market. It works stable, easy and fast.

Awesome job - keep it simple ;-)

Before 1.0.2

Review posted by tsdonohue5 on at

Great Gallery

Just worked perfectly for me with v1.0.1. Great for mobile too and some nice hover image or, what I needed, the lightbox option.

Just great work, thanks!
Review posted by dan1991 on at

Great add-in, great support

Added this to a site, had some problems at first and didn't expect much help from a free add-in, but was promptly put in the right direction (away from my own stupidity) and it looks awesome. Definitely recommend

1.0.2 -

Review posted by pyrodigital on at

Lightbox Feautre Doesnt Work

When I add the block to my page & change the settings to lightbox & publish the page it crashes the whole page displaying a blank black page. After editing & changing the settings back it runs again.
I have reported this issue with no feedback.
Review posted by stuntman on at

Works really well :)

Good job.
Review posted by SirJohnFranklin on at

Really good!

Just working and looks very nice!

1.0.3 -

Review posted by tomrfellner on at

Great plugin for managing a gallery but....

Why doesn't the plugin bring over the Title property content to use as ALT text for the images? Serious SEO faux pas. Would be pretty easy to add, right?
Review posted by angelabullen on at

An error occurred while downloading this package.

Hi i have tried to add this to my website but i get this error

An error occurred while downloading this package.

what do i need to do to make it work. if i download the zip can i add it into the root?

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