Getting Started

Navigating to Toolbar Designer

Go to your dashboard (or open up the Dashboard menu on the right). Click on/scroll to “System & Settings” and navigate to “Toolbar Designer” (should be at the bottom if you just installed this Add-On).

How do I add an item to my toolbar?

Click the “Add Item” button in the top right corner or click “Add Item” under the Position Left/Position Right section (this will set the position within the form already). You’ll be taken to a form where you can fill in the values as you please.

Please read the “Questions & Answers” page if you still have questions. Your question not in there yet? Create a support ticket and I will answer your question and add it to this page!

Wanting to show menu/toolbar items in your backend

By default, Concrete5 does not use menu items while navigating in your backend. One file has to be edited for that, but it’s a core file (that can be overridden without touching the core). Download this change here. Simply unpack this in the root of your concrete5 install (you will see directories like /application, /concrete, /packages)

If you do not wish to show the menu items in your backend, you don’t need to take any action.