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Review posted by okapi on at

Toolbar customization at a high level

Toolbar designer is full of options for customization of that toolbar we are constantly using when working with concrete5.
I especially like the option to mix icons with text labels for toolbar buttons. In most cases just a few letters are enough to indicate the link button's target, and this saves a lot of space, so, many custom buttons can be added to the toolbar.

Presets are available for links to most common dashboard functionalities, and apart from that, link buttons to really any other system page can easily be defined in no time. Just put in the relative path of the desired system page, and you're done.

Of course link buttons cannot only be created pointing to system pages, but to any other page of the sitemap, as well as to any external web page.

The option "Open in new window" can be set for each button, which is very useful.

Appearance (label, icon), position, order, tooltips - everything can be customized to fit personal needs.

Additionally, each button can automatically be hidden, depending on screen width, via Bootstrap classes, by simply checking the related checkbox(es) on the configuration panel of the add-on.

It's even possible to define user-specific toolbars (which however needs a bit of coding).

Another important point: the support is AWSOME! Ramon, the developer, is always willing to help to solve a problem or to enhance functionality. I can bear witness to that! :)

1.1.1 -

Review posted by A3020 on at

A hidden gem in the marketplace!

Toolbar Designer works great. I was tired of opening the sidebar panel and just Ramon's add-on to add two shortcuts to the toolbar. One as a preset (files) and one as a custom URL. (see screenshot)

I'd absolutely recommend this add-on to other users and think this add-on hasn't gotten the attention it deserves!

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