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The 5-stars up and down this page say it all. You won't find a better picture gallery for C5 sites. Easy to get lots…

NEW: PHP 8 Ready  

With Touch Gallery, make sure everybody can see your photos online in the best possible way, on any device, with any screen size. Always.

Touch Gallery is fully responsive

Touch Gallery is a fully responsive, touch-enabled image gallery that looks perfect on any screen.

You want your content to shine no matter what, and photos are among the most powerful and persuasive items you can have on your website. Nothing tells a story like a well-presented photo.

But with the mind-numbing number of internet-ready devices active these days, offering you users the flawless experience they expect is a challenge.

A deal-breaking challenge.

No matter how they access your site — from a Laptop or Desktop Computer, from a Tablet or a Smartphone — they want the best. And why wouldn't they?

Touch Gallery takes care of your photos for you, no matter what. On any old Android or Apple device to the latest generation, Touch Gallery works everywhere.

Ready in a Jiffy - No Technical Skills Required

Select a fileset

Select a fileset

Select a fileset

Many tricks up its sleeve

  • Image resizing done by core thumbnail types for better performance (see why it's better)
  • Optional captions under thumbnails and full-screen image
  • Display all thumbnails or only a single one
  • Fully responsive (fills the screen and responds to changes in device orientation)
  • Touch-enabled (supports swiping through photos)
  • Keyboard navigation also available
  • Intelligent image preloading for reduced load time
  • Graceful degradation if javascript is not available
  • Light-weight (<3ko)
  • Works on all major browsers (except for IE7 and below)
  • Custom image and thumbnail size
  • Any number of galleries per page
  • Google Analytics ready (see tutorial)
  • Triggers different events for Developers to use

Thumbnails can be re-ordered through the file manager for full control or come up in a random order on every load for a dynamic looking website

Displays on-screen arrows only in desktop browsers (no more big left/right arrows taking up space on small touch screens)

Looks perfect on desktop AND mobile, with big or small displays.

13 Gorgeous Designs Included

Touch Gallery is a breeze to style and you will have no problem making it blend in your site. Whether you keep the original design, use the templates included or design your own, your gallery will look like it belongs.

And to make sure of it all 13 designs included use non-clashing colors and styles that go with pretty much anything.

#1 Artist Grid

Template Artist Grid for Touch Gallery

#2 Circled

Template Circled for Touch Gallery

#3 Corner Shadow

Template Corner Shadow for Touch Gallery

#4 Focus

Template Focus for Touch Gallery

#5 Morph

Template Morph for Touch Gallery

#6 Polaroid

Template Polaroid for Touch Gallery

#7 Random Tilt

Template Random Tilt for Touch Gallery

#8 Simple Shadow

Template Simple Shadow for Touch Gallery

#9 Sleek

Template Sleek for Touch Gallery

#10 Tight Grid

Template Tight Grid for Touch Gallery

#11 Tilt

Template Tilt for Touch Gallery

Social Icons Reloaded allows you to have links to your social profiles along with 74 great looking icons.

All 75 Social Icons Reloaded icons

What you can do:

  • Choose from 74 social Icons (69 international and 5 Japanese)
  • Display icons + text or icons alone
  • Control icons alignment
  • Open links in the same or a new page
  • Easy to customize through CSS

See more add-ons by mnakalay »

The beautiful photos used in the screenshot are by Vincent Boiteau and Mark Sebastian.

Music in the video by

Current Version: 4.0.2
Fully Translatable: Yes
Needs External Libraries: No
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets every business day.
Support Hosted: On
Needs extra server permissions: No
Needs Internet: No
Marketplace Tests:
Passed Automated Tests
Passed PRB Review