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Before 2.0.2

Review posted by shutton on at

Outstanding support

Communication has been prompt and most helpful. A great add-on!!
Response by mnakalay on at
Happy you like it. Hopefully C5 bugs will be ironed out soon.
Review posted by shaolinsteyr1 on at

Great galery addon and even greater support

It's a very nice gallery, working great on mobiles and desktop.
I had a little problem and the support was realy great.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you that's great. First review for my first 5.7 add-on :)

2.0.2 -

Review posted by maffp on at

Great add-on and even better support

This is a perfect, lightweight and elegant lightbox gallery - easy to edit and unbloated. What's more, any queries are answered uncommonly quickly. Good design and good support is well worth the asking price! Cheers!
Review posted by FrankFrey on at

Touch Gallery is a great Add-On

Thank you for the instant support. My clients an me love this Add-On.
Review posted by jgroblesr85 on at

Amazing Work!

Excelente work, just what i was looking for, very useful, great look, functionality and easy to use!
support by developer is great by the way, million thanks!

best regards,
a satisfied client!
Review posted by Johnny4x on at

Very good!

great plugin, ready for latest C5! makes for very attractive gallery. Excellent support!
Response by mnakalay on at
it took some trials and errors but ready indeed it is. Thank you.
Review posted by timbell on at

Awesome Touch Gallery

We installed Touch Gallery for our new clients parallax site while using the new 5.7.2 platform from C5. It is very easy to use, it has a beautiful design and is very smooth. I did have a couple questions that were answered extremely fast from the developer, which is important to us when deciding on a theme or add-on. 5 stars for sure!

2.0.5 -

Review posted by PaiviK on at

Happy customer!

This gallery is really worth the money! Low cost gallery which works as it should. Support is really good and quick. In fact, the advise I got also helped me to understand C5 a lot more and see how to take the most of it in the future.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so much
Review posted by SetiroN on at

The absolute best Concrete5 Gallery solution from the most supportive developer

Touch gallery is the finest gallery solution available for Concrete5.

Sure, there might be a kink or two that you want to straighten out depending on your personal design but worry not:
the developer answers quickly and exhaustively, providing some of the best support that I have ever seen.
Response by mnakalay on at
Woohoo! Thank you :)
Review posted by jgaryt on at

Nicely done!

Easy to implement - I mean, it couldn't be simpler. Great value for money, and even though I purchased the wrong version at first; beware navigating to the live demo that's on older C5, as it will send you to that version of "Touch Gallery" when you click the buy now - I got a refund immediately, and bought the correct version. Fantastic service.

I should have bought a 5 pack, as I'll be using this a lot!

Also, it's a pretty simple CSS edit to remove or change the thick image border on the icons, as that doesn't go well with all themes.

Looks great on all the systems I tested: Android, Chromebook, iPhone6, iPad2, KindleHD, and the major browsers.
Response by mnakalay on at
Many many thanks for the really thorough review. This is priceless.
Review posted by Lupo777 on at

Ideal support! Prompt response! Marvellous Add-on!

I am a beginner with concrete5 and "mnakalay" was very frendly and competent in supporting me with the setup of his beautiful add-on.

I can recommend the Touch Gallery Add-on to anyone!

Thank you so much!
Response by mnakalay on at
Awesome! Thank you.

2.0.6 -

Review posted by hudsonarmstrong on at

Excellent gallery and genuinely great support

We have been using Touch Gallery for a while on various client sites and found it easy to customise, easy to admin and always makes our clients very happy. When we experienced an issue related to file set permissions support was at hand within minutes of our inital request being issued.

Nour, the developer behind Touch Gallery reviewed our custom template files, checked the site admin and then made recommendations on how we could resolve the issue. He was very professional and instilled confidence. Highly recommended.
Review posted by studio108 on at

Brilliant Add on by an excellent Concrete5 developer

I have used this add-on many times with Concrete 5.6 websites but this is the first time I have used it on a 5.7 website and it still rocks! I cannot recommend it enough.
Response by mnakalay on at
People, listen to the man, he definitely knows what he's talking about ;)
Seriously, thank you, that means a lot to me.

2.0.6 -

Review posted by prestressed on at

Great support!

I found a small bug with the gallery which the developer solved quickly and competently, he also explained to me how I could easily add an override to change the default gallery template.
There are lots of useful options in controller.php to set gallery defaults.
Overall it is a neat little gallery at a reasonable price - highly recommended.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for your review. Let's be honest, I agree 100% :)
Review posted by madesimplemedia on at

Great Gallery

I needed to create a nice, simple 5 column gallery. Some other gallery add-ons allow 4 columns or 6 columns but not 5, so I was very happy to find this one - it doesn't discriminate against 5 col layouts :)
Response by mnakalay on at
odd column number discrimination is the worst :) thanks for your review
Review posted by pherlein on at

Touch-Gallery - The legs of my website

I'm a fine artist making my own portfolio site. My primary concern is how my work is displayed. Touch-Gallery is now the core of that. I very highly recommend this add-on... and this developer.

I tested every "responsive" image gallery for c5 5.7 in the add-on market. Touch-Gallery was the best. Worth every penny to get the additional features, customization, and developer support. It's the only responsive gallery that worked solid on iPhone6.

The developer has a live-demo on his site that allows you to test edit the block as if you were logged into c5. Very cool.

I have limited code experience and no php experience. The css was easy to customize for changing all the borders and margins. When I realized I needed an additional feature, the developer went WAY above and beyond adding it.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for your review. it means a lot to me.
Review posted by Rennsemmel on at

Nice Gallery Block

Touch Gallery combines great functionality with support for mobile devices. In my opinion the best gallery block you can buy at this time. Moreover, the support for this block is quick and helpful. An issue I have asked the block author to fix was rectified within one or two days.
What I would like to have in the future is an option for applying Touch Gallery on an individual image without the need of an album.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for your review. Please PM me about your individual image idea and tell me more about it, I might be able to help.
Review posted by hansteller on at

A nice Add-On with a great support

Due to a problem with my environment, the installation of Touch Gallery failed. But I got a fast and competent support of the author.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you Sir for saying so.
Review posted by ltinnel on at

Touch Gallery: Great Add-On and Outstanding Support

I'm using Touch Gallery on a photography web site to create a portfolio that works on both desktop and mobile platforms. It is easy to use, looks sharp, and does mostly what I need it to do. Within a day of deploying, I found an obscure bug in using both Touch Gallery and the Social Media icons (included in package at no additional cost) on the same page. The bug appeared to affect only a specific mobile device, Android version number, and Chrome browser. All other Android and IOS devices and browsers that I tested worked. Support was quick and a fix was out within a record 17 hours. Kudos to mnakalay!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you! Without you this bug wouldn't have been squashed ;)
Review posted by cmurray2329 on at

Outstanding Add-on and Support

I really like this add-on and the support. When I had a question I had a response back in a lot less than 24 hours. This means a lot to me.

The add-on also works very well and is easy to use.

2.1.2 -

Review posted by webpresso on at

Like the mobile ready gallery

This is a really solid and good working gallery. You can put this in every design, because it has a neutral and solid design.
Works great on mobile devices with swiping images.

best regards, webpresso
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for a great review.
Review posted by pigeelen on at

Quick and excellent support for special needs

I had a need for a custom template and mnakalay fixed it twice within a few hours. This is the quickest support I ever had. And everything as needed. Well done. I highly recommend this add-on, especially for the support and of course for the numerous templates in it.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for your second review. Happy you like the new templates, I really think they take the gallery to the next level... If I may say so myself :)
Review posted by banditetr on at

Cool and the price is OK

Very cool and the price is OK. Nice design and options

Keep it easy, nice and simple
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for saying so. And I see from your profile you like it simple and Google friendly so that's perfect.
Review posted by banditetr on at

Cool and the price is OK

Very cool and the price is OK. Nice design and options

Keep it easy, nice and simple
Review posted by pigeelen on at

Great add-on with superb support

It's a very nice add-on with great features and quick and excellent support. I can highly recommend this add-on.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for taking the time, this is great

2.1.7 -

Review posted by ltinnel on at

Great Add-On and Excellent Support

This add on works great for its stated purposes. I use both the gallery and the social icons on two different web sites and couldn't be happier with the function. On top of that, Mnakalay provides excellent support in a timely manner -- well worth the relatively low cost for this Add-On. In the future, I will definitely consider any other Add-Ons that he provides. :)
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so very much. Here's to more future collaboration :)

2.1.8 -

Review posted by Buschmann on at

Works super for teaching

Nice code, works good,
and with under-titles, it is nice for teaching other by pic & txt. ;)
Response by mnakalay on at
That's great! Thank you.
I was a teacher too and I never thought of that :)

2.2 -

Review posted by madeforspace on at

Easy to install and use

Thanks Nour - fab add on! Jo x
Response by mnakalay on at
Thanks Jo, happy you like it :)

3.0 -

Review posted by sokristi on at

Still love it!

This is a great add-on and support is second to none.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so much for saying so!

3.0.3 -

Review posted by okapi on at

Most advanced Gallery

This is an impressive, feature rich, elegant and robust gallery. These are the features i especially like:
- easy and extensive customizable by custom block templates
- intelligent preloading of lightbox images
- support for C5 Thumbnail Types as well as legacy thumbnailer, available as option for both thumbnails and full size images
- responsive, touch enabled lightbox with perfectly smooth transitions
- sort order option for thumbnails (fileset order and random)
- retina support
- option to show galleries in a loop or not
- a switch for displaying captions for thumbnails and/or fullsize images

- and outstanding support from the developer!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so much for all your precious input that helped me improve on Touch Gallery and make it better.

3.0.8 -

Review posted by ssailer on at

Great plugin and Awesome support!

Super fast response time for any questions I had regarding this plugin. So easy to install and it works great! :D
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

3.1.1 -

Review posted by ssailer on at

Awesome Add-On!

This plugin is super easy to use, it's fully responsive, and tech support (if you have any questions) is almost immediate, and thorough.

Thanks for this great plugin!
Response by mnakalay on at
This is great. Thank you.

3.2.4 -

Review posted by NECA on at

Excellent C5 Gallery Add-on

Absolutely one of the best gallery solutions for C5.

Reliable add-on, outstanding support & lighting fast communication.

Thank you Nour.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for helping me make it even better :)
Review posted by vernb on at

Outstanding Support

Touch Gallery 3 is so easy to use with an excellent selection of templates from which to choose.

I've used this Add-on for three years now and have been very happy with its performance.

"Outstanding support"? YES INDEED!

I hoped that a slight modification might be possible and mnakalay came back quickly with a suggestion and then following my response, an equally quick reply arrived with the solution!

This will save me hours of time and is much appreciated.


Thank you!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for an incredible review!

3.2.9 -

Review posted by deoldphart on at

The only gallery you need, and a bargain, too.

The 5-stars up and down this page say it all. You won't find a better picture gallery for C5 sites. Easy to get lots of pictures up, organised and styled as you want them. Classy themes to chose from and smooth running on all devices (at least the ones I can test).

Particularly recommended for newcomers to C5 because the 'legendary' support is, indeed, very supportive to help you get you picture show running the way you want it. The developer is a real star amongst the community of supportive C5 developers.

And you can't beat the price, unchanged since I bought my copies of the first version of Touch Gallery almost 8 years ago, but so much more powerful now.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for all this, I wouldn't have said it better myself :)

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