The only gallery you need, and a bargain, too.

The 5-stars up and down this page say it all. You won't find a better picture gallery for C5 sites. Easy to get lots of pictures up, organised and styled as you want them. Classy themes to chose from and smooth running on all devices (at least the ones I can test).

Particularly recommended for newcomers to C5 because the 'legendary' support is, indeed, very supportive to help you get you picture show running the way you want it. The developer is a real star amongst the community of supportive C5 developers.

And you can't beat the price, unchanged since I bought my copies of the first version of Touch Gallery almost 8 years ago, but so much more powerful now.

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for all this, I wouldn't have said it better myself :)