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Hi, my thumbnails don't line up properly on ipad, any idea why? See attached pics. It happens with 5, 6, 7 pictures etc.
I'm using Elemental theme (only slightly modified).

I think it occurs when some images have titles set and some don't. I'd be very grateful if you could help fix it! Thank you.

While I think about it I have another suggestion: when you set up a Gallery, the Text Options are confusing for a new user.
Where it says "Show captions under thumbnails" it really should say "Show Titles with thumbnails"
and where it says "Show captions under full-screen images" it really should say "Show Descriptions under full-screen images"
Captions isn't a very helpful label as you can't tell which is the Title and which is the Description. Rewording would make it really obvious.

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prestressed replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Here are pictures to illustrate what I can see
prestressed replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry I didn't mean to post 2 support threads, concrete did something weird and I don't seem to be able to delete the duplicate thread, I don't know if you can from your end!

I think 2.1.1 update has fixed the thumbnails issue?

Which is brilliant... but now I have one more question, I would like the sleek template to be always applied as default without an end user having to apply it each each time they add a new gallery.

What do I need to change to do that?
Thanks in advance
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply

First I have to apologize for the late answer. I didn't get the emails (my system messed up) and I just saw your messages. Really sorry for that, I usually answer within a few hours.

Concerning the thumbnail alignment problem a few comments and questions:
1- The modification I made to the new version impacted the full-screen images, not the thumbnail so I am happy it helped in your case but I have to admit I can't understand how :)
2- The screenshots you sent look correct to me. Could you tell me more as to what you find wrong? I it the thumbnail in the second row being centered?
3- Concerning my wording on the edit screen thank you so much. English is my second language and I often struggle with clarity in my labels so any help from native speakers is welcome. I will use your excellent piece of advice in the next update.

Concerning using the template as default, I have to check if it's possible without compromising future updates. I'll let you know soon.

Thank you again for your patience.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Again,
if you want to use sleek as the default template here's what you can do:
1- go to your touch gallery sleek template folder: root/packages/touch_gallery/blocks/touch_gallery/templates/sleek
2- copy everything you find inside the sleek folder (1 file view.php and a folder labelled css)
3- go to root/applications/blocks and create a folder labelled touch_gallery
4- paste everything you copied inside that folder

What will happen is the template will override the default view and always apply.

I hope it works for you, let me know if you need better explanation.
prestressed replied on at Permalink Reply
OK - I was wrong about 2.1.1 fixing the thumbnail issue, it doesn't... but if I turn off the picture title captions the thumbnails do line up. The alignment only goes wrong if I have title captions turned on, but not every picture has a title set.

The template override works perfectly so thank you very much for that. I am new to 5.7 and I've only just learnt about the /application folder!

I will try to PM you the link to my site where I've made a page that shows the ipad problem.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Again,
I got your PM and checked your message. I might have found the source of the problem and updated Touch Gallery to 2.1.2. I also modified the labels as per your recommendation.

Could you test it and let me know if it solves the alignment problem?

You might need to empty the cache first (including browser's cache) as I modified the CSS and also remember to replace the files in the applications folder if you set them up there.
prestressed replied on at Permalink Reply
All looking good now. I guess you can mark this one resolved!
Thanks for solving it so quickly, great support.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Great to know! I wasn't 100% sure as I don't have an iPad to test it on :)
Would you mind taking a few minutes to leave a review for the gallery please? That would help me a lo. You can do it here:

Thank you

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