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Since i see no way to achieve this with a custom block template, i would like to suggest two litte "like-to-have"s:

1) In lightbox view, it would be nice, if the "previous" icon would be hidden when the first image of a fileset is displayed, and the "next" icon, when the last images is displayed. So one would know, when the end of a fileset is reached.

2) Also, it would be great, if there were an option to loop through the images of a fileset. In this case of course, previous next icons would have be visible all the time.

What do you think?

Thank you,

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
So after seeing your message, I looked into those 2 ideas.

As far as the first one is concerned, I implemented it and it's now an option. I'll be pushing it live probably today.

The second one, however, is a different problem.

I actually also implemented it but I am not happy with the way it works.

See the overlay is a wrapper that contains 1 div per image. Clicking next and previous moves the wrapper to the left or the right to show the proper image. That means that if you have 20 images and you're at the end of it and want to go back to the first one by clicking next, the whole wrapper has to be moved back right. That's a lot to move at once. the first issue is that it is really not that pleasing to look at but it's a matter of taste. The real problem is that it might lag a lot on less powerful mobile devices.

I am still looking into that second possibility but I really can't promise I'll implement it. DOing it without making the overlay sucky would require a significant rewrite and I am torn about it. On the one hand it would be good for performance but on the other hand, nobody has ever asked for that option or complained about performance so I am not sure it is worth doing it.

Let me know what you think.
okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
I see. Well, i was not aware of the fact that Touch Gallery works differently than sliders that are looping all the time.

You're right, some kind of "fast rewind" of all images of a gallery in order to be able to restart from the beginning would certainly not look good. I didn't know that the slides (placeholders for images) are not built dynamically, so each presentation of images is unavoidably coming to an end.

By the way, for a larger gallery, a loop function won't make so much sense, but if i want to show just a handful of images, for illustrative purposes for example, then being able to loop through these few would be very welcome, because if the user doesn't starts with the first image, but just clicks randomly on one of the thumbnails, he will very likely soon reach the end of the gallery while having missed the preceding images.

However, if looping would not work smoothly and without interuption, i think it's better not to have that functionality.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello again,

I was able to get the 2 options working.

I modified the way the gallery worked so I think performance on mobile is probably going to be enhanced especially on slower devices.

Let me know how that works for you.
okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow, that's really impressive...
So happy that you managed to add both features! Don't know what magic you were able to apply to make it work. Now Touch Gallery is even more versatile. Great for displaying one image, three images, or a large gallery, on all devices, there are no limits. And i'm loving that smooth fading and sliding...

Performance has also dramatically improved. On desktop, i can't even see a glimpse of a spinner between the images, no matter how fast i loop through a gallery! Only on mobile (iOS 11.0.2), even on the same WIFI, there is a little delay to be seen between images, when browsing a gallery a little faster. But this may be due to the device.

I think, when the lightbox is active, while it is great on desktop, on mobile it would be better, if the background was fixed instead of moveable as it is right now, particularly to keep the lightbox images always in full screen mode for best visual experience. Because if it's possible to move the background behind the lightbox overlay on mobile, it happens that we unintentionally zoom the address toolbar, which results in leaving that 100% full screen mode, thus in some flickering of the lightbox images when moving the slides. On desktop, on the other hand, the same behavior may be seen as a feature.

However, the whole experience is extremely satisfying. Thank you so much!
okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
I have tried some of the original templates that ship with Touch Gallery, as well as my own custom templates now, seeing that the gallery doesn't work with Internet Explorer 11. While the thumbnails are diplayed correctly, the lightbox doesn't open, instead, the image is displayed in a new browser window.

Seems to be a conflict with bootstrap, since the collapse animation that i'm using for the menu also doesn't work anymore on pages with Touch Gallery. Add-ons using Fancybox 2 are working without conflicts though.

You haven't updated your demo to the latest version yet, so i can't test.

By the way, i've seen that when only one image is displayed (using a fileset containing one image), the "previous" arrow is always displayed. Of course only few people will create galleries with only one image, but as for me, i love that smooth fade-in animation, so i want to use Touch Gallery also as a lightbox to display one image only. Anyway, that arrow can easily get eliminated by CSS with a custom template.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi again, thank you for testing. I uploaded a new version that fixes the IE11 problem. It was not a conflict it was IE11 being IE11 again.

The 1 image gallery is the kind of thing I would never have thought about but it's a valid one. I'll look into it
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Last version: arrows don't show when only one image in the gallery.
okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh yes, IE, best browser ever...
But you defeated him. Everything works like a charm now!
Seeing no delays on loading of images any more when browsing a gallery fast on mobile. Seems yesterday the internet connection was causing slower loading. Touch Gallery performs very well now on all devices i have tested!

Thank you for your patience and incredible support!
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for your help and good ideas.

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