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Translations Manager

Translations Manager is a concrete5-specific translation tool you can use to translate the whole concrete5 interface into any possible language out there. The tool offers you thorough tools to manage your translation for any translation context in concrete5 and keeping all the translations consistent with your site’s source code where these strings appear.

As of version 1.2, the following features are also provided with the package:

  • Translating context-specific translations, i.e. texts wrapped in the tc() function
  • Translating plural format texts, i.e. texts wrapped in the t2() function

Concrete5 separates translations into three contexts: site-specific, system-specific and package-specific. This add-on takes that into consideration offering you different views to manage different translation contexts.

This add-on also offers a way to translate and automatically find the translatable dynamic strings in your concrete5 site, such as attribute key names and user group names. For more information on these, please check the documentation section.

This is a must tool for any translator out there or anybody who is running their site in multiple languages and has a lot of translatable texts in the site-context. This add-on can automate a lot of your work, saving you hours of your precious time!

Check out also Language Manager for managing your site's language and automatic language detection!


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