Version History

1.3.4 - Added an installation check for testing that the PHP's mbstring extension is enabled.
1.3.3 - Fixed an issue related to translation functions defined without space in front of them.
1.3.2 - Fixed some minor bugs that caused string duplication in some occasions.
1.3.1 - Made it possible to define the translation context in the package translations.
1.3 - Made some dynamic translations respect the contexts set in core (breaks compatibility with older c5 versions, pre-5.6.2).
1.2.2 - Changed po->mo library for better support for tc/t2 string conversions.
1.2.1 - Fixed update from file action with the context functionality. Fixed including the "base.php" in the translation view controllers.
1.2 - Improved parsing logic to catch t2 and tc functions. Added the msgctxt possibility for strings and made it visible in the translation interface. Added plural format possibility for strings and an interface for managing the t2 translations. Fixed cleaning obsolete strings from existing translations when re-parsing the source code.
1.1.3 - Added core-dir to the dirs to be parsed
1.1.2 - Added possibility for packages to return custom dynamic strings within a package function
1.1.1 - Style fixes for 5.6.
1.1 - Initial release for 5.6, fixed few 5.6 specific bugs.
1.0.2 - Fixed few issues in the translating view
1.0.1 - Fixed usage with Language Manager
1.0 - Initial version