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Twitcasting Live Status

Twitcasting is the easy & light-weight live cast service using iPhone or Android. The ideal service for casual vloggers.

Personally, I think that Ustream is for more serious live caster; and Twitcasting is for casual day-to-day live casters.

I made the simple add-on to display online/offline status of your Twitcasting channel and link it to your Twitcasting account. Download and test drive it.

* This addon comes with Japanese language file.
* このアドオンは日本語対応です。日本語の説明はこちら

* The logo of Twitcasting was provided by Sidefeed, Inc. with the written permission. You can re-distribute this add-on BUT you MUST contact Sidefeed, Inc. if you want to use their logo.
* ツイキャスロゴは運営会社のサイドフィード様から使用許可をいただいています。再配布の際は、各自サイドフィード様に確認ください。 

ATTENTION - High traffic webmasters

Twitcasting only allows one (1) IP address to retrieve online/offline status max. 60 requests per min. When you use this add-on, I highly recommend to ENABLE FULL PAGE CACHE!!!

Auto Installation

  • Marketplace
    • Click "Add to cart"
    • Proceed and execute "free check out"
    • Assign it to your project
      • If you don't want to assign a project, go to manual installation
  • Your concrete5 site
    • Login to your concrete5 site
    • Go to Dashbaord
    • Go to "Add Function"
    • Click "Twitcasting Live Status" download button
    • Click "Twitcasting Live Status" install button
    • Done
      • If it doesn't work, your hosting provider may not support cURL or unzip PHP. You need to contact your hosting provider or do "manual install" instead.

Manual Installation

  • Marketplace
    • Click "Add to cart"
    • Proceed and execute free "check out"
    • DO NOT assign any project but click "Save"
    • Click "concrete5.org order history"
    • Or you can come back by going to your [My account] - [Transactions] - [Licenses]
    • Click "Download Archive" grey ink
  • FTP
    • Download the zip file
    • Upload the folder /katz515_twitcasting_live_status/ onto /package/ directory.
  • Your concrete5 site
    • Login to your concrete5 site
    • Go to Dashboard
    • Go to Add Function
    • Click install
    • Done

How to use it

  • Go to any page
  • Add "Twitcasting Live Status" block
  • Enter your Twitcasting (Twitter) ID 
  • Select the image 
  • Save

Recommended tips

make this block as global scrapbook before you place it onto your website

Advanced tips (Change images)

The images are saved to


Copy all files to

And modify any images under

You need to have Twitcasting account and you need live cast

This plug-in is USELESS unless you have twitcasting account and live cast it frequenctly. It's very fun live cast tool. You should try it.


This add-on is available on GitHub: https://github.com/katzueno/TwitcastingStatus-concrete5

Similar Add-ons

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