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Before 1.0.1

Review posted by xb385 on at

A complete addon

This addon is great, the voting works smooth and you have as much controle over the voting as you wish.
This addon brings a whole new level of interactivity to your website! Showing the pages with its own pagelist block can be configured in numerous ways so that you can show your visitors exactly what you want them to see!

Support from the developer is simply fantastic, very quick responds, accepts ideas for new features and really wants to deliver a quality product! this developer is a hidden gem in this marketplace!

1.0.1 -

Review posted by maar on at

It must have been developed for our website

We use this add-on combined with "Addon Showcase" and it is doing exactly what we have been looking for a long time.

The only thing that we think could be better, is if it worked like the add-on lister on the marketplace - dynamically loading the list while scrolling down.

That would make it even better.
Review posted by VPenkov on at

That looks advanced

Nice one, a lot of effort has been put into this. Code looks clean, too.
Won this from the weekly karma awards, gonna try to find something meaningful for it :)

1.2.3 -

Review posted by wildapple on at

Cool add on, fully featured, excellent support.

What I needed was actually much simpler, just a basic way for users to upvote content. This add-on gives that functionality in a way that is very flexible but a lot more, including some neat metrics in the dashboard. It's obvious a lot of forethought went into the creation of it and that is very appreciated because now it becomes an over-delivery which is a great thing to be able to deliver into the hands a client. I'm always in the position of looking for that "surprise and delight" item that makes a project special. This really helped deliver that for me.

There was a short lived issue with which was fixed amazingly fast by the Author as well. Despite being in very different time zones with him, he was on it and very responsive.

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