Version History

1.0.6 - Bug fix, edit mode was not displaying block information properly.

1.0.5 - Updated to new iframe embed code from Vimeo.  Created a responsive custom template.

1.0.4 - Fixed include function in add/edit block views

1.0.3 - Bug Fix to use wmode = transparent so that the video doesn't appear above all other items on the page

1.0.2 - Not really any changes, just updating for the marketplace to get it to recognize a new version
    Modified the package version number in the controller

1.0.1 - First major upgrade in forever
---- Added in block caching in controller for
---- Can now parse both and urls
---- Better checking to make sure that a video id is actually valid before displaying player
---- Content disabled in edit mode message should now be centered vertically
---- Template no longer outputs empty H2 and P tags if title or preview text are blank,
    instead it will output nothing if it is blank, and wrap in H2 and P tags if set
---- No longer auto-fills "My Video Title" or whatever it was doing
---- Removed unused references to guestbook/comments, no longer have any plans to implement
    comments on videos, kind of forgot that was even ever an idea :)

1.0 - Initial Release